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Document Management Systems

DocAgent™ is your document management portal and Digital Designs’ core software platform.  Built on .NET architecture, it is responsible for coordinating, setting customer rules, and communicating to our various solution modules including AP Invoice Automation, Electronic Payments, Payroll Management, Data Capture and much more. Its capabilities go well outside of just our modules; DocAgent™ links into core applications running on IBM AS-400/ I Series such as INFOR, Infinium, JD Edwards and MS Dynamics.

With these DocAgent™ solutions, you can manage the future of your business much more effectively.  Not only that, but you will lower costs, improve control, make faster payments, have flexibility, and save millions of dollars annually.  Choose from one of the DocAgent’s™ Suites below or mix and match to meet your business needs.

DocAgent™ Suite Includes:

DocAgent™ Web is a document management solution (DMS) that allows organizations to retrieve, store and organize documents from any device, anytime and anywhere.  Our advanced cloud or on-premises platforms integrate smoothly with any ERP systems.  With DocAgent™ Web you have controlled access to archived images from any browser, customized advanced pattern recognition, and sophisticated search tools for enabling rapid search and retrieval. Organize your files in a safe and secure environment.   Your team will spend less time filing and locating documents while your administrative overhead will become easily manageable.

DocAgent™ Flow streamlines all of your document driven business processes with the latest automation technology.  The easy-to-use interface enables and empowers your organization to process work more efficiently and accurately while taking control of your workflow.  DocAgent Flow’s Business Process Automation (BPA) provides a cost-effective and secure method that automates the predictable, repeated every day steps in your business.  Your daily business activities will be more accurate and organized with DocAgent Flow.

DocAgent™ IDC (Intelligent Data Capture) uses the technology of ABBYY FlexiCapture – the next generation of intelligent, accurate and highly scalable data capture and document processing software. Collecting information from documents is a vital business process. Many organizations still have staff devoted to reviewing and manually keying in data from documents into various business systems. These are time-consuming and tedious processes. DocAgent IDC algorithms automatically and accurately extract the data off the page from any document- handwritten, machine printed and barcoded. It provides a single entry point to automatically transform streams of different forms and documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. The more documents the system processes, the more intelligent it becomes.

What kind of documents do you need to capture?  Here are some examples of forms that DocAgent IDC can extract data from automatically:
Patient Records
Legal or Insurance
Bill of Lading
Human Resources ex.) Onboarding Employees
Health Insurance Documentation
Tax Forms
Parking Permits
Exam Records

DocAgent™ Electronic Payments is the perfect payment processing platform for your business.  We take pride in adapting our payment platform to process payments for a wide range of industries.  DocAgent EPayments has the robust capability and technology to integrate seamlessly with your business.
With DocAgent Electronic Payments:

Migrate away from paper processes

Earn cash rebates

Streamline your entire AP process

Increase control and visibility of cash flow

Reduce payment processing costs

Increase corporate revenues and margins

Formserver™ is a laser printing solution which links traditional application output to electronic overlays, enabling companies to replace costly pre-printed forms with efficient laser forms. Reduce labor and cycle times, save on forms costs and improve bottom-line performance.  FormServer™ re-formats original application output and merges it with electronic overlays, page segments, signatures, and logos to fit any generic form stock. These converted files are then sent to any designated local and/or remote printers. Printer load balancing is achieved by assigning multiple printer output queues. When the print job exceeds a threshold output volume, the pages are distributed evenly among multiple printers.



It works behind the scenes managing millions of documents 365 days a year so you don’t have to.


It securely creates files, payment files for transmittal; securely protects documents in high level encryption schemes.


It manages your company AP invoice automation workflow rules and keeps things running according to plan.


It manages the communication between your systems and key outside resources such MasterCard, DDI’s Document vault, Other Company remote sites.

The DocAgent™ Advantage


Cloud computing


Payment options


Easy implementation


Automatic data capture


Go paperless


Real-time sync