Make payments remotely.

Introducing DocAgentPay, the solution that enables you to process your invoices and make every type of payment remotely.  DocAgentPay integrates to your payables software and allows AP staff to issue checks, ACH, virtual credit cards and wire payments in a single payment run. Save time, reduce costs, improve visibility and generate rebates on spending – all without changing your existing process.

Approve and pay the easy way.

Automate your business payments.

Electronic Document Management Solutions

Accounts Payable Automation

Automate your AP department.

In 4 easy steps.

Document Management

Scan and capture vital business documents.

Anytime - anywhere.

Electronic Payments

Works like a check, but better.

Earn revenue while paying your bills.

Output Management

Manage printed content.

Advanced cloud or on-premises platforms.

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Payment Automation Made Simple.

Secure and affordable, take a look at the DocAgent product suite and automate your business processes.

  • Approve

  • Capture

  • Authorize

  • Pay

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  • Anytime

  • Anywhere

  • Any device

Take the data. Leave the paper.

Advanced data capture system extracts business-critical data from the document automatically and with high accuracy.

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Can you earn revenue by paying bills electronically?