Finance Department Disaster Preparedness

Tips for Disaster Preparedness

  1. Include disaster planning in capital plans.  Be proactive in your approach to putting infrastructure, policies and hardware in place that teams will need in the event of short-term or extended business disruption.  You don’t have to address all areas at once, but start looking at each aspect and develop your plan.
  2. Establish roles and your communication plan.  Who will lead what segments of your disaster preparedness plan?  Do they have the tools they need to implement the plan? How will you establish a unified voice?  What is your plan for internal AND external communications? For instance, will vendors need to make any changes to their procedures based on the new work environment.
  3. Planning begins by identifying needs.  Identify hardware and/or equipment your teams might need to adapt to the new environment (laptops, headsets, secure VPN, ethernet interfaces).  These can be accounted for in your capital plan. Determine current workflows and how you would recreate them in a remote staffing environment. Where will physical mail be delivered and how with those documents be retrieved and incorporated into the workflow remotely?  How will AP and HR workflows operate? Do staff have the ability to electronically access documents, verify or input data and route documents for exceptions, approvals or questions? If you have a document management system in place, does the data in that system integrate with your ERP?   How often does this transfer take place? Is it a secure process? Can it be automated?
  4. Work the plan.  Make funding decisions, distribute plan guidelines, assemble hardware and a plan for emergency distribution.

DocAgent provides document imaging, indexing, storage and retrieval, ERP integration, IDC data extraction, AP Automation and HR workflows, full payment processing featuring Virtual Payments that generate rebates back to the organization and a Vendor Management Portal.   All of these modules are accessible remotely via your secure customized portal.

Your Digital Designs team is here to serve and assist.  Call us today to begin your Disaster Preparedness Plan. We can provide a FREE assessment of potential trouble spots and help you identify solutions.