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AP Automation

How much does Digital Digital Accounts Payable Automation Solution Cost?

We offer several pricing models to best suit your environment. These include Enterprise on-premises installs, a SaaS model, and a hybrid where we index, store, and integrate all of your documents in a cloud environment while your core processing, code, and databases are on premises.


How long does it take to implement Digital Designs Invoice Automation?

Implementation is custom for each client. Determining workflows, incorporating remote sites, integrating with software, and deciding if you need 2 or 3 way document matching are all factors that affect implementation time. Even with all these moving parts you can count on being up and running in less than 45 days.


Is my financial data safe – Is Accounts Payable Automation secure?

Yes. DDI AP Invoice Automation utilizes the state of the art security provided by one of the most secure data storage complexes in the US. Our data security and liability policy is over $10 million dollars giving us the ability to serve the largest Fortune 500 Companies in the country.


Is there a per user fee with Digital Designs?

No – our pricing is all inclusive. There are no additional fees for adding users should your needs change.

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Doesn’t my accounting system automate the Accounts Payable process?

Not in the fully integrated and economical way that it can with Digital Designs’ AP Workflow. You may be able to enter different payment types but only after following specific controls that may differ for each payment type. Digital Designs offers unlimited number of approval workflows that can be based on factors including dollar amount, department, vendor type, location, etc. Quickly moving approvals to the right person in a large enterprise takes organization and a strong software solution to guide the process– Digital Designs offers just such a solution. 


What is automated invoice capture?

When you receive invoices via email or snail mail, those invoices need to captured and entered into your accounting system quickly and correctly. Digital Designs’ image module can receive invoices from numerous input points including paper scanners. When uploaded to our image module, the invoice header and field data information is extracted and indexed.  The captured information is verified by someone in accounting and stored for future applications and processes. Our “Smart List” even helps your accounting staff with best fit suggestions for GL coding based on the vendor, item type, etc. 

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Does Digital Designs V-Pay really automatically handle our payments via Card?

Yes. Once you’ve approved payments, Digital Designs’ V-Pay module automatically assigns the payment type for each vendor/invoice. Our system knows how vendors should be paid such as check, ACH, or Virtual Card. As our team enrolls vendors to accept payments via card, our V-Pay module assists you in “flagging” these vendors to get an electronic virtual card payment. Our software handles all of the electronic formatting, transmissions, notifications to vendors of payments, and even your back end reconciliation.


Will I be eligible for any rebates if I send payments through Digital Designs?

Yes. You will receive monthly rebates when you use virtual cards to pay vendors. With the highest enrollment rate of vendors in the US, you can count on Digital Designs’team to maximize your rebate potential.

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Will using Digital Designs AP Invoice Automation require changes to my approval workflows and payment processes?

No. Digital Designs AP Invoice Automation workflows are designed to eliminate bottlenecks, and put a process in place that works the way you want to work. We do not offer a “canned package”. Each install meets your business requirements and we do not expect you to change the way you do business. For example, if you approve invoices before entering them into your accounting software, our solution can too. If you have dual approval on payments above a certain threshold, it can match them as well. With Digital Designs, it’s easy to mirror your current approval workflows and payment processes.


How do users access the application?

Digital Designs utilizes a web based user interface for both the on premise and SaaS model. Our application is accessible 24/7 from anywhere on the web with tight security controls.

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