Electronic Virtual Card Payment Systems

They're like checks, but better.

Electronic Payment Systems

The Digital Designs’ Electronic Payment platform allows you to deliver payments electronically using a secure, single-use MasterCard account number. Like a check, these payments can only be processed by a single vendor for a specific amount, but without the cost and hassle of printing and mailing. When paying vendors electronically you will earn cash back rebates.  That means you get paid to make the same payments you already make today!

Digital Designs’ Electronic Payments is the perfect payment processing platform for your business. We take pride in adapting our payment platform to process payments for a wide range of industries. Electronic Payments (also known as ePayables or virtual card payments) has the robust capability and technology to integrate seamlessly with your business. The system is a comprehensive yet flexible virtual card payment solution that provides a path to significantly decrease paper workflows, check printing, ACH’s and other expensive accounts payable processes. With all the benefits of a card solution, you are still in control of the payments process such when and how to pay your vendors. Our Electronic Payment solution offers a streamlined one system approach to ensure all your payments are going through a single workflow process improving visibility and control over cash flow. Our management dashboard also provides an in depth view of every invoice once it hits your building.

Electronic Payments are not just another virtual card offering, but part of an overall payment strategy for your business. At the core of Electronic Payments is Digital Designs’ DocAgent which is our document and payments processing engine.

What Can Electronic Payments Can Do for You?


Submit consolidated invoices for your suppliers electronically.


Turn your payables into a revenue generator with monthly rebates on spending.


Increase control and visibility of cash flow.


Reduce fraud and manual errors associated with paper payments.

All about vendor enrollment

Vendor enrollment is the key to any electronic payment and virtual card program. The more vendors participating in your program the better results you will see from rebates, streamlined reconciliation, and program success. Digital Designs integrates and partners with Comdata; the industry’s leading provider and fastest growing company to bring vendor enrollment expertise, network payment processing, and funds issuance. With over $50 billion processed each year, Comdata is well positioned as the issuer and processor of card payments.

The typical Comdata client program enrolls 53% more vendors than the industry average. 

Seamless Integration

Digital Designs provides integration connectors to numerous accounting systems.  With over 30 years’ experience, if we do not have a connector for your system, we will build it at no charge to you.

IBM System I (iSeries)



Legacy based systems and software

Are you a good candidate for Electronic Payments?

document management

What are Electronic Payments?

An electronic (or virtual card) payment is based on a single use MasterCard account number that is tied to a specific payment, specific amount, and expiration date. It’s like a check from a control standpoint, but better from a cost to issue and control standpoint. With the virtual card payment solution, there is reduced printing of checks, folding, stuffing and replaces ACH’s with more detailed remittance information for easy reconciliation. The Electronic Payment platform integrates easily with Digital Designs’ DocAgent and your core accounting system.

Why should your business use electronic payments?

Electronic payments, also known as virtual card payments, are the fastest growing segment in the payments industry for good reason. The process streamlines the payment process as well as the reconciliation of payments. Unlike outdated ACH transactions, the file structure of a electronic payment gives you everything you need; invoice number, PO number, line item details, line item amounts, dates, and much more. Virtual payments significantly reduces check printing, expensive ACH transactions, reconciliation time, and workflow.

A Passion for Service and Support.

Our passion begins with the consulting and sales process. We believe doing business should be easy. At Digital Designs we not only deliver the highest quality, most robust, and most manageable software solutions, but we also take great pride in our acclaimed customer service and support. Our Software Solution Specialists are on hand to provide timely answers to your questions and help you get the greatest value from your software investment.